American Swindle isn’t trying to re-invent southern rock, it’s just that they play it so damned well that this band simply cannot go ignored or unnoticed.”

— Andrew C Schlett - Rivethead Magazine

A driving power trio with a blistering Fender, tight harmonies and the firm anchor of a cast-iron rhythm section… American Swindle is Rock 'n Roll, 3.0. From the Dixie-fried, riff rock of their debut EP, Where Did We Go Wrong…to the commanding cuts on their new, full-length album, CLEAR… a high voltage, full-bore, raucous romp through a rock 'n roll, master-class…to their blistering live show…these boys have put a brand-new shine, on the rust-bucket of rock.

Sample Track - For The Weary

Sample Video - Live In Houston