American Swindle is a timeless rock 'n roll band...a non-stop juggernaut, blasting their way to the top with their gritty brand of "Texas Rock". With tones of 70's, garage stomp, their songs of love, lost and, destiny and despair...echo through the ages. Three highwaymen armed with loud guitars and a thundering blunderbuss of bass and drums has never sounded so unique and alive. 

Fresh for the fight and the feeding frenzy...thousands of ravenous young hearts...mired in the dust bowl of a post-millennial apocalypse of digital fakery...turn now to the tools of their fathers' trade. The Marshall amp...Fender...a low slung, three piece, rolling thunder. 

The tides are turning...back to the heart and soul of music & melody. They were right...the revolution is imminent. We're taking it back...they've had it long enough. The battle is at hand. Hopefully you've not been wearied by the foot-soldiers...because the horses are coming...and among the riders...American Swindle 

Joey Kilcommins: guitar/vocals  
Mike Guidry: bass  
Don Rosecrans: drums/vocals